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The Power of a Prepared Home

Listing an unprepared home and expecting exceptional results is often unrealistic.  Our Selling with Style Listing Philosophy thoughtfully assesses each home and we try to guide our sellers through preparing their home with potential buyers in mind.  Small touches can go a long way and big changes of cleaning and decluttering can make the difference in Days On the Market and Home Sales Price.  Our goal is to achieve the optimal price in the fewest days to meet our sellers needs.

Removing personal touches and family photographs allows buyers to imagine themselves living in your home.​

A beautifully staged, clean, well maintained home has the potential to sell quicker for a higher price than an unprepared property.  Landscaping, fresh paint and curb appeal make a great impact.

​Frist impressions are incredibly important.  Your home should feel warm, open, and inviting.  When potential buyers open the door you want them to feel immediately

connected to your home.

Staging Before & After

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